Safety & Security policy

Safety & Security policy

Maintaining high security standards onboard all ships as well ashore to prevent acts of terrorism, piracy and other criminal acts, which may threaten the security of personnel, ships and the environment.

Company & Ship Security Officers (CSO/SSO) are responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining and improving the company’s security plan.

All ships and operations under our management are in constant compliance with mandatory, security-related rules and regulations.


Quality policy

ACM has its own quality management system. In this way we keep our fleet and expertise up- to-date.


Safety and Environmental Protection Policy

ACM considers Safety and Protection of the Environment as factors of paramount importance and endeavors to take appropriate measures for ensuring that safety will not be compromised and that the environment will not be harmed by pollution risks. No effort will be spared in achieving the highest possible standard for the prevention of human injury, avoidance of loss of life, minimization of property