Projects & Heavy Lifts

During the last decades ACM has carried out projects of Oil & Gas, Telecommunication and Energy infrastructure, Rail wagons, Locomotives, Turbines, Heavy machinery and much more.

ACM experience in conventional cargo shipping together with fleet of specialized equipment for over sized and overweight loads, enable us to tackle any logistics large scale project, by combining complicated ocean transport, on-carriage and delivery of any volume, weight or size to any destination.

ACM provides heavy lift and oversized cargo handling services from site to site, world- wide, by all means of transport.

ACM is a leading specialist for tailor-made transportation solutions

ACM pursues a direct customer’s approach philosophy and offers a complex service package from planning, engineering and supervising to loading, shipping and discharging.

The fleet consist adjustable tweendeckers enabling a flexible and safe stowage of the cargo, as well as sophisticated on-board heavy lift crane gears